Applying for redress may bring up difficult feelings and memories. 24/7 Support Services are available.

Territories Stolen Generations Redress Scheme Online Portal

Our online application portal is a fast and secure way you can apply for redress.

Before you apply, you might like to think about who could give you support to apply if you would like it. You could speak to someone you already know and trust or there are Scheme Support Services that can help you.

You can also get help using our online application portal by calling us on 1800 566 111.

More information on who is eligible for the scheme can be found on the Apply page.

To apply you need to:

  • Complete as much of the application as you can, if you cannot answer all of the questions don’t worry we can help you. You can attach copies of supporting records if you have them.
  • Confirm your identity by attaching copies of your identification.
  • Create a login or sign in using the Sign in button above.